Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Welcome everyone (and I use this term loosely, since I can't imagine there is an outpouring of supporters just yet to my blog) This is the first entry to my new blog, Daily Shinanigans. I figured I should name my blog something that reflects the way my life is going right now, but with a positive twist. Rather than name it "out of control chias" I figured something cute like "shinanigans" would fair much better.

So check back often. I'm really going to make an effort to keep this online journal up, updating with pictures for out of state relatives and friends (once I learn how to add them) challenges for my scrapbooking group (Halla!) and anything else that needs to be tended too.

So until tomorrow, I leave you with my first attempt at including a picture. Cross your fingers.


Momma Julia said...

I'm not surprised. Your new Blog is delightful. I look forward to visiting and see more wonderful snapshots of our precious Luiza, her mom and Quinnie!

lebokozak said...

Very impressive my friend! How is that little girl of yours doing since Sunday? Sam & Maddie were very concerned about her. . . .Hopefully I'll see you guys next Thursday! Come hungry. .

Rebecca B said...

Hey Chickster!

How's come there's no mention of Luiza's bout with Tyson????