Thursday, August 30, 2007

Remember Me?

Let me reintroduce name is Sarah, and I am the bad owner of this blog. Seriously, it has been a week since I last posted. What a looser I am. But I'm here now, so that has to say something, right? Well it's not like I was hanging around the house, chillin', I was actually working. I was called in last week, and this week to fill in at the Doctors office, so that's where I have been. By the time I got home, spent time with Weezer, I was too exhausted to put forth the effort to write anything worth reading. But...I am home today, so let's chat.

I'll give you a run down of the Shananigans that have been going on since my last Post:

Friday: Worked until 6pm, Momma Julia came over to scrap, lost power due to the thunder storm, had an incredible Italian dinner from Silas, pretended to scrap, but really just talked until 11pm, went to bed.

Saturday: Worked until 2pm, came home, read Luiza about 30 books on the porch, colored at the dining room table, went and got a few movies to rent, and then chilled out the rest of the night.

Sunday: We went to church, came home had lunch, I hooked up the kids bike thingy to my bike and took Luiza for a bike ride (man that is a work out) got creative with scrapbooking while Luiza played with her American Doll in my scrapbook room, folded a few loads of laundry, had a little dinner, read a few books and headed off to bed.

Monday: Worked until 6pm, came home chilled outside with Luiza

Tuesday: Worked until 6pm, went right to a Preschooler Parents meeting at Luiza's new school (incrediable adventure for her starting in Sept. stay tuned for that info later on) got home about 7:30, watched a movie with her, read books, sang songs, and headed off to bed.

Wednesday: Worked until 6pm, picked up dinner, returned the movies we had rented & picked up a few more like Blades of Glory with Will Farrell (you might think we rent alot of movies, but this is how I unwind, since I don't have cable) played sharks with Luiza, dressed and redressed her American Doll Kit about 40 times, let her watch a short movie, read Brown Bear, Brown Bear (her favorite book ever, really anything Eric Carle she loves) sang a few songs, and beddy bye time. Then I watched Blades of Glory (laughed so hard) stayed up way to late 1:30am, and then went to bed myself.

Which brings me now to Thursday. Today my dad, Luiza and I were going to head up to the cottage to beat the traffic, but we have opted to leave tomorrow morning. These last few years it seems that I have been up there for my birthday, or as I like to think of it, the anniversary of my 20th birthday (13 years to be exact!) Anyway, with the whole day ahead of me, I'm going to catch up on my blog (CHECK) shower, clean the bathroom, tidy up Luiza's room, pack, and then probably go for a bike ride up to the park or something.

Well I think has just about covered it. I will be away from the computer until Tuesday. Then I will have lots of fun things to share, as well as some pictures. Today I leave you with these scrapbooking layouts that I actually completed. Don't faint!!!!!

Also, before I forget, the Scrapbookers Fall Retreat is just around the corner. I would LOVE it if you could all attend. This year I am going to have a few new things planned, plus include all of the old favorites. Mark it on your calendar, October 19th & 20th, and let me know if you plan on attending (even if it is just for one of the days)

Talk to you Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Have fun at the cottage!! Hopefully, you'll have better weather than we had. :(

How's the monkey today??


Weezersmommy said...

i hope so. we do have to do some work at gramma ruth's house.