Sunday, August 19, 2007

Don't Ya Just LOVE Rainy Sundays????

I do. That way there is no guilt with me doing what I want to do, which today was scrapbooking. After church, we came home, had a little lunch and then I headed up to my happy place to play. My friend Steven gave me his old DVR that he had recorded a TON of Planet Earth episodes for me, so I hooked that up to my little TV in my scrap room, and I played while I watched some Planet Earth. Speaking of which has anyone else seen any of this series? It is unbelievble. Highly recommended. I've already learned so much about our planet that I never knew; from the animals that roam it, to the ocean, mountains and everything in between. It is totally mind blowing. It's shows like this that make me miss having cable. But THANK YOU Steven for recording them all for me. (See I really do love you, I'm sending you a "shout out"!)

Well our Picnic on the floor Movie Night was a success. Luiza was a little confused as to why I had made a big "bed" on the floor with pillows and blankets. She asked me if she was sick, I had to think about why she would be asking me a question like that, and then it hit me. The two times she has been sick I have made her a snuggly bed on the couch and I myself a bed on the floor next to her. So she just assumed the same was true this time. I quickly told her that no one was sick (Thank you Jesus for keeping us ALL healthy) and this bed was for our picnic and movie night. She was geeked. We watched Disneys Tarzan & Jane, obviously a continuation of the Disney version of Tarzan. This time Jane and Tarzan are married. It was cute, fortunately however, she fell alseep half way through it, and I got to watch the movie that I rented, Fractured, starring Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. Pretty good.

Well I think I am going to go snuggle with my girl. She's still up ya know. The draw back of rainy wear-the-kids-out-so-they-go-to-bed-early-outside-time.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

**sorry no photo, the computer is so slow tonight, I didn't want to wait for it to download**

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah

So nice seeing you and the little munchkins at Mias birthday party.
(Luiza-Ella-and Mia) Luiza of
course had her purse and to my
surprise she did let uncle Rick and I have a quick peek inside.
In fact several quick peeks.
She really was riot.

Aunt Jewell