Thursday, August 9, 2007

Black and Blue Eyed Girl

Well by now many of you have heard of Luiza's run in with Mike Tyson (aka Eli the dog) Everything is healing nicely, and from the way she is acting, you would NEVER know anything happened. I did tell her however, that she has had her first and last trip to the ER, so from now on she will be living life in a bubble. I think I handled myself very well throughout the whole ordeal (in fact so well the nurses and doctors even made a comment about how calm I was) I mean don't get me wrong I was totally freaking out, but when you are the only parent (totally pulling out the "single mom card") you don't have the luxury of freaking out. I needed to be calm for her, so I was, and as a result, she was calm.

So for everyone that was praying for her...Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of my little girl and caring enough about her well being to take the time out of your day to think of her. Well are both so fortunate to be surrounded by such wonderful family and friends.

Change of subject.....I am so excited, tonight I have decided that I am going to have some much needed "ME TIME", and I am choosing to go up in my scrapbook room and get messy. I have been dying to scrap, but with everything that has been going on this week (ER trips, follow up doctors appointments 3 days in a row) my playtime has been pushed aside. However I ordered a bunch of new stuff from here, and now Iam so excited to use my new stuff. So after little 'whose-in-has-it" has gone nighty night, I will be pouring myself a deliciously chilled Diet Cherry Coke, grabbing a chick flick and heading upstairs to my happy place. Speaking of happy places, tell me your happy place. Leave me a comment in the comment section of this post. I will do a random drawing, and the winner will be receiving some fun "Happy Mail" from me.

Well I think I am going to head off to the kitchen. I need to make dinner..on the menu: Mexican. Plus I have some peanut butter cookies that need to come out of the oven. Ok, until tomorrow.




lebokozak said...

Well, I hope you enjoyed yourself in your scrapbooking last night!! My happy place is in my nice comfy bed when the sheets are clean and crisp!

Weezersmommy said...

Thanks girls. ou are both now entered int he drawing for some fun Happy Mail. I will pick the winner tonight.

Erin said...

What happened to Luiza? Was she attacked by a dog?

Anonymous said...

Put me in the drawing, too!


Amy said...

In a dream life, my happy place is floating in an ocean while my hubby sits on the beach reading. aaahhh! memories!
Back to reality - I'd have to admit, as much as I HATE getting out of bed in the morning - my happy place is snuggled up with all three of my boys in our bed on a morning when we get to sleep in a bit - like 7:30! hah!