Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday? (Life Challenge #2)

I can't believe that it is Thursday already. I mean what happened to Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday? Seriously it feels like it was just Sunday. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. I have been busy, I can say that.

Monday: Finished cleaning the rest of my Aunt Marilyn's house (hi, Aunt Marilyn) I was going to finish it up on Saturday, until I realized that I would have had to cross Woodward, while the Dream Cruise was happening, and as most of you know...I don't do the Dream Cruise. Once I finished there, I headed home, played with Luiza indoors and chilled out for a bit since it was raining.

Tuesday: I was supposed to go with my dad to start taking apart a swing set that we are getting, but do to the weather we had to postpone. So instead I decided to clean my scrapbook room. My friend Lisa was supposed to come over that night to scrap, and there would have been no place for her to sit. So I cleaned, only to find out she had totally forgotten that she was at Cedar Point, and wouldn't be home. Then around 4pm, my brother Joe came and picked me up, we went and cleaned windows at a couple of places, and once we were done we went and got some dinner. Yummy!!!!!!!!

Wednesday: Holy Guacamole, could it have been any muggier? (is that real word? well it is now) It was awful. While Luiza and Ella were playing together I decided that I would try to get a few scrapbooking layouts done for my friend Marcie (yes, she pays me to do her scrapbook pages for her. she does all the journaling and I do the rest. it is a great partnership that both of us are happy with) Anyhoo, after a little creative time (no I did not complete the layout) I went to the airport to pick up my Aunt Marilyn, Uncle Jon & my cousin Tom. After I got home, Luiza and I jumped back in the car and headed off to my dad's house to pick him up so that we could start working on getting the swing set apart. It was while doing this "project" that I realized just how hot it was........I was dripping. YUCK! After Luiza and I revived ourselves in the air conditioning, there was just enough time for a few songs, before it was time for prayers, and beddy bye time.

Which now brings us to Thursday. See it just popped up out of nowhere. It wasn't even like I did anything special throughout the week, but for some reason, all the boring little things really piled up and wiped me out.

Now tonight, my mom is taking the blind couple shopping, and after Luiza is done with her bath and tucked in her bed, I plan on watching "Harry Potter, the Prisoner from Azkaban." I finished the book today and since that is one of the movies Steven DVRed for me, I'm going to watch it

Speaking of DVR, I was telling you guys how my friend Steven had recorded all of the Planet Earth episodes for me, correct? Well, I can no longer watch them. Tuesday, it finally hit me as I was in my scrapbook room with Ella and Luiza coloring, sobbing my eyes out, that maybe I can't handle them. I mean I was a mess, then when I started telling Leslie about it later that night, I started crying again. She asked me if watching the animals kill each other bothered me, and I told her, that even though that was sad, I realize that is part of nature. However what bothers me the most is the destruction that we humans are doing to this earth, that is causing horrible things to happen to these animals. I can't go into detail, because already thinking about it, I am crying. So here is my delema, had I not watched some of those shows, it would not have hit me so hard as it has, in regards to taking care of our planet, but if I do keep watching them in hopes of learning more about what we had done, and what we can do to help correct it, I am going ot be an emotional mess. Our family, has really tried to make a conscious effort in being more green. Had I not seen those Planet Earth episodes, I probably would never have know just how bad our choices have been, not only for us, but for the animals that live here. I don't mean to go all "tree hugger" on you all, but whether you are an animal lover or not, the choices in how we live our lives are having a HUGE, and negative effect on this planet...HUGE. And I for one, have decided that I can no longer sit by and do nothing. Even if I can't change everything at once, I can change some.

So I have a Life Challenge for all of you that are reading this. I challenge all of you do doing something positive for the environment. Here is a short list of the few things that I came up with that you could start doing:
recycling your trash, turning off all electric household items (just because they are off, they are still using phantom energy, which means you need to plug as many things as you can into serge protection strips, that way with the flick of a switch, the power really is off) Biodegradable/earth friendly cleaning products, buying local & organic foods, washing clothes in cold or warm water only (not Hot), not using the Heat Drying function on your dish washer, walking, riding your bike or taking public transportation whenever possible, changing your light bulbs to energy efficient ones, making sure your house is insulated properly to avoid precious heat & cooled air from escaping...the list goes on and on.

So there you have it, pick something big or something small to do, but do something. I would love to hear what you are currently doing, and what you going to do. So post a comment int he comment section of this post. I will be doing random drawing for everyone that participates.

Talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

Lets see... here's some easy ones I do...try not to use disposable plates/silverwear if at all possible, use less laundry detergent than recommended (did you ever see how much suds come out when you use the full amount? and, yes, our clothes are still clean), dispose of old medicine properly (so it doesn't end up in out water systems), print everything non-essential on draft mode from my printer. What are other people's ideas?

Weezersmommy said...

Very Good. I like hearing what other people do, so that I can get more ideas for my own household. Thanks CL!!

Anonymous said...

Here are a few ideas.
Use re-usable bags at stores.
Use re-usable water containers.
Help save our fish and birds by keeping trash out of the lakes.
Take your own containers to bring left over food home...when dining out.
Turn off running water when brushing your teeth.

I enjoy hearing how other people are helping our earth.

lebokozak said...

OK, once again, I am left just hanging on to nothing here! I can't seem to move forward in my life when I don't know what's going on in the Yerke household! I keep checking and I'm still stuck in Thursday! I need to go nap!!!